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Clinton, Trump Win In Massachusetts Primaries (EIV NEWS)

Donald Trump Wins The Nevada Caucus (EIV NEWS)

Chris Christie’s Campaign Future In Doubt (EIV NEWS)

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“You’re The Worst”: You’re Probably Not Watching This Show, But You Should (Emertainment Monthly)

Community, Louie, Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Role of Creators in TV is Changing (Video Loss)

Emerson Hosts Screening and Discussion of “Spotlight” (Foundations of Journalism Class Assignment)

Hundreds Race Through The Boston Commons In Costume (Foundations of Journalism Class Project) 

Musicians Wanted Hosts Its First Band (Foundations of Journalism Class Project) 




Donald Trump Wins The Mass. Primary (EIV News, shot/edited/produced)

Governor Baker Refuses To Endorse Donald Trump (EIV News, shot/edited/produced)

March For Bernie Overview (Created for Livetweet assignment, shot/edited/produced/hosted) 

Apple Refuses Government Order (EIV News, shot/edited/produced)



EIV News at 6 | December 3, 2015 (EIV NEWS, associate producer/writer)

EIV News at 6 | November 19, 2015 (EIV NEWS, associate producer/writer)

EIV News at 6 | October 29, 2015 (EIV NEWS, associate producer/writer)

EIV News at 6 | October 15, 2015 (EIV NEWS, associate producer/writer) 


Sodexo Food Poisoning at Emerson SCRIPT (Foundations of Journalism Class Project) 

Emerson Dining Has A History Of Health Code Failure SCRIPT (Foundations of Journalism Class Project) 


March 15th Presidential Primaries Interactive Map 

#MarchforBernie Boston: January 23rd, 2016 Livetweet

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